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Whole Bean Coffee 1 LB

Tasting Notes: Dark Cherry, Caramelized Sugar, Sweet Chocolate

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Unique Offerings

Fresh & Local

Our most popular drinks include the fresh-squeezed lavender lemonade, prickly pear tea, cold brew coffee, as well as iced lattes with unique flavors such as burnt cream, vanilla lavender, Aztec mocha, lucky charms with marshmallows,  churro, and even the health-conscious mushroom chaga latte. We source amazing pastries such as homemade fruit tarts in flavors like raspberry prickly pear, brown sugar date, and blueberry lime (flavors you won’t find at other shops), as well as vegan donuts in raspberry pistachio, orange zest vanilla, and churro flavors. Other customer favorites include our gluten-free banana nut muffins and our increasingly-famous avocado toast. 

Pop Tart

SUSS Pastries
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Avocado Toast

How it Started


Window Coffee Bar began with our passion for quality coffee and espresso. We craved something that stands out among popular chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’. We are one of Phoenix’s newest locally-owned coffee shops. ​


We pride ourselves in serving our customers next-level coffees, teas, and baked goods, all sourced from local vendors. We have a similar system as the “big guys” but on a much smaller scale. I feel especially proud of our business, though, because not only are we serving up great products; we are supporting local workers and interacting with the community, with our neighbors. We want anyone who visits Window to have options to choose from, so we proudly offer alternative milks as well as gluten-free and/or vegan food items. When you support our business, you are helping to support the community as well. 

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